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I have worked for over 16 years as an early childhood educator and administrator in a variety of settings - including as a Master Teacher and faculty member at Michigan State University's Child Development Lab Preschool and as the owner and operator of my in-home preschool.


BS in Child Development and Elementary Education, 

Minor in French, Michigan State University

MS in Leadership and Policy in Early Care and Education, 

Wheelock College, Boston, MA


I am Mom to three kids, two cats, and one dog.


My favorite color is teal and all blues. All of them.


I'd rather be on the water than anywhere else. And not just because it's blue! 


As a child, I spent my summers in northern Michigan where I developed a deep appreciation for nature.


I grew up in a big extended Greek family. I am cousin #17 out of 26.

I was an athlete, dancer, and gymnast, but I loved to dance the most. I used to choreograph dances for my cousins to perform at family parties.

When I was five, my cousin wanted to run away to visit a relative, so I joined him. We "ran away"... all the way to the end of the driveway where we sat and ate our banana lunch before returning home.

I love animals! My favorites are moose, deer, monkeys, penguins, dolphins, and sea turtles.



My favorite book as a child was The Story of Ferdinand. Wait, no, Pierre, a Cautionary Tale.'s Where the Sidewalk Ends. I know...Where the Wild Things Are. Too many to choose just one!

My first favorite chapter book/middle grade novel is easier to nail down - either Sideways Stories from Wayside School or Ralph and the Motorcycle.

I owe my love for books to my mom who read to me over and over again, and to my elementary school librarian, Ms. Antosiak. She had a knack for knowing exactly which books I would love!


Spreading peace and love


Helping children feel seen, valued, and empowered


Justice and equality


Organic gardening and eating

The environment, especially eliminating plastics in our oceans

Adoption, bonding, and attachment

Early literacy and language acquisition



On the water - my happy place

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